Our Services

Our vision and mission statements have skills transfer as well as the development of efficient nursing standards as its core objectives. We ensure that our nurses are experienced and accustomed to South African clinical environment so as to transfer best practices. Our highly experienced staff go out to clinics and primary healthcare facilities to offer constant training in hygiene and cleaning, wound care and infection control.

As we aspire to become the benchmark in terms of training, we ensure that our staff are constantly training and improving their own skills. This will afford you, complete peace of mind when being trained by Clinipro staff.

At times, certain projects require nurses to intervene and facilitate a certain degree of specialised training. Our access to a network of nurses allows us to actively engage with hospitals and communities to perform 3 important functions:

  1. Product Assistance – By training clients on our products we facilitate optimum usage of innovative medical technologies.
  2. Nursing Standards Training – Applying important medical foundation when dealing with categories such as wound care and infection control
  3. Customer Service – nurses are the custodians of a nurturing and caring philosophy; who better to handle our customers in the field.

Product Services

Wound Care

We promote our wound care products by doing the actual wound debridement, including the skills transfer to nursing staff to treat patients optimally, We follow-up on wound dressings to ensure continuous support in wound management on an advisory basis.

80% of patients debrided using our products and treatment standards had good results – with patients spending less time in hospital and cutting down on the clinical work-load. Our system also cuts down on the theatre list and subsequent back-log, as patients can now be debrided at the bedside.

Infection Control

Infection control plays a critical role in all health care facilities and even more so with the Covid outbreak. Our team of experts play an active role with all stakeholders to ensure maximum compliance with infection control protocols.

A constant supply of essential products such as hand sanitisers, soap, touchless dispensers, disinfectants, paper towels and cleaning chemicals are of paramount importance. Clinipro’s operational expertise ensures that there is no disruption to both product supply as well as service and maintenance.

Hygiene and Cleaning Services

At the core of our business, is an incredibly efficient hygiene and cleaning team. Due to the stringent demands of infection control (and now even more so due to Covid), Clinipro has several teams of technicians and hygienist that offer word-class services to our customers. We customize our services according to the needs of each client as we recognise everyone is an individual.

All dispensers

(sanitizers, soap, hand towel, air fresheners, auto-janitors) are serviced on a daily, monthly or weekly basis depending on customer needs and traffic. We replace damaged dispensers should it be caused by a malfunction, refill them, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency.

Disinfecting / Sanitizing services

Sanitizing or disinfecting of hospital rooms, ICUs, theatres, offices, canteens, consultation rooms, classrooms, staff rooms, bathrooms etc. Our staff are expertly trained and work proficiently to ensure peace of mind.

Deep Cleaning services

Can be provided monthly for urinals, urinal traps, basins, toilets, and showers. Deep cleaning helps with the removal of limescale, dirt, the smell of urine in the urinal traps and helps to reduce blockage of drainpipes.

Sanitary Services

We provide feminine sanitary bins on a contract rental basis. Service intervals can either be weekly, bi-weekly, or on a monthly basis. The bins are emptied, disinfected the bins replaced with new bin liners. Disposal of the sanitary waste is done with the use of clearly identified waste containers and transported to a zone identified by consultation with the client.

Service Summary:
  • Installations of dispensers
  • Refilling of dispensers with consumables
  • Dispenser maintenance and battery replacement
  • Servicing of female bathrooms and toilets
  • Servicing of she-bins
  • Servicing of male bathrooms, toilets and urinals
  • Basin Bowl Deep cleaning
  • Disinfecting Services
  • Assisting customers with procurement to ensure minimum stock levels of essential consumables

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