Clinipro breathes the true African spirit of empowering people through the sharing of knowledge and innovation. We pride ourselves in being responsible and accountable for not only making affordable products available to the public sector, but also in bringing innovation in the form of cutting-edge technology to clinicians and patients alike. Aligned to this is our skills transfer philosophy, championed by our network of highly skilled partners.

We strive to continuously improve our service levels coupled to transferring know-how and knowledge within the critical healthcare market segments that we operate:


Healthcare is our duty and our responsibility

We love what we do, but most importantly we understand the responsibility we have in delivering high standards of consistent service delivery. As a company that has been awarded critical sanitisation and hygiene tenders in Limpopo, Free State and Mpumalanga hospitals, clinics and schools; it is our responsibility to maintain these services running at all times, regardless of the challenging working environments. At Clinipro, we are here to assist and above all, we are here to serve the South African people.